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Re: cansiter filter & chillers

Tom said, in part:

> I was eyeballing those solid state chillers that have 
> those barbed ends that I could hook up in line with the 
> filter.

The Azoo looks like a good application of the technology
(from Foster and Smith, for example -- the small one runs
240 watts and there's a double version. . . "

Running the same watts as the single Azoo electronic is a
conventional chiller by Via Aqua that seems to work very
well.  They are undoubtedly louder than an electronic
chiller, from which you only get fan noise, but the BTUs
are higher, watt for watt, if that is a concern.  But then,
it doesn't do double duty as a heater the way the Azoo

> Looking back at many of of my tanks, many seem to do 
> well at lower temps(70-78F).
> I have a lot of light plus live where it's hot so the 
> tanks get pretty warm.

I'm glad I finally got a chiller.  It felt a little bit
like admitting failure -- it just seemed there had to be
better way, but I tried many of them and ended up going for
a small chiller.  Now I don't worry about the temps.  

> I don't like adding too much gadgets though.

> Intake=>CO2=>Filter=>UV=>Chiller=>Spraybar

> This would not be bad for the techy person. 

Add substrate cables and it's the whole nine yards -- of
course, then you'd need an even bigger chiller ;-)

> I might actually know what I want when I buy a house

Well, first you design the fish room, right?  Then you find
the house :-)
Scott H.

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