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RE: Acrylic or Polycarbonate substitutes for Glass Tops

Eric said, in part:

". . . the polycarbonate sheet that I use
(and is used in greenhouses) is a double sided panel with
internal ribs separating the sides of the panel. The ribs
are spaced about 9mm apart and run the length of the 
panel. The actual thickness of the plastic used in
this construction is very thin. The strength comes from the
channeled construction. So far it has not warped nearly as
bad as solid acrylic. . .

I've seen this stuff.  It's called "Structured Sheet" and
sometimes "Twin Wall Sheet" .  It's good to know that it
doesn't warp.  This means it would be a good alternative
for sump lids too. god bless the sturctural rigidity of the
box  :-)

Pics of one version of the stuff can be found here:


and here:


Note that, if you're going to use this for a tank top, that
there is a much higher light loss with this material that
with solid sheet acrylic or polycarbonate.  So you might
want to figure an extra 20-30% for lighting requirements. 
But on the plus side, it should help insulate the aquarium
for the heat of the lights, and as summer rolls around,
that's good to know.

Scott H.

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