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Re: The chilling truth about cold horsepower

Thank you Jerry and Bill for taking the time to look into
this problem of mine more deeply.

Unfortuantely, even as I read through your thoughtful
replies, the problem is not resolved.  A BTU/hr. is a unit
of Power, as are HP and Tons Refrigeration.  And with
airconditoners, the rated BTU/hr of cooling capacity is
much *greater* than the rated BTU/hr of energy input.  You
can leave HP out of it and just use the watts rating for
energy input and the BTU/hr rating for cooling capacity.

For example a 610 watt air conditioner is rated for 6000
BTU/hr cooling capacity.  610 watts=2077 BTU/hr yields 6000
BTU/hr cooling capacity.  Does this not seem odd?

There is something I am obviously missing here, but I'll be
darned if I can figure it out, so far. I'm checking this
further.  I'll let you know what I find out.

Scott H.

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