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Re: Seachem Purigen -- Weight of Aquaria and structural stress

I don't have the figures for you, but it's in the
neighborhood of about a ton of weight over the footprint.

If you thinking about the load of a tank on a wood floor,
the standard weight per area for 'live loads' isn't
especially useful.  Your refrigerator probably exceeds
that, as will a large aquarium.  But that's okay.  That
standard is more for figuring full floor loads than
'concentrated loads'.  For concentrated loads, you need to
consider what is called "Stress in Bending" and deflection.

I'm not an engineer and can't help much more than that.  If
your concern is a wood floor, when in doubt, reinforce. 
And it makes a big difference if the aquarium load will be
near the wall or in the middle of a room (middle of the
joist), which causes more stress in bending and more
deflection of the joist.  And even more important is
whether the aquarium will be positoned perpendicular to the
joists, crossing over as many an possible, rather than
parallel and sitting over just one or two.

Hope that's some help,
Scott H.

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