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RE: Acrylic or Polycarbonate substitutes for Glass Tops

I have had good success with Lexan. It is a bit expensive, but is easily cut
and worked with and extremely strong.  I used 1/4" over my 90 gallon. Covers
the top completely, had the Glass place cut out two 3x18" rectangles on the
front and I hinged the pieces back on for access to the water, and cut out
small holes in the back for filter hoses and such.  I'm not sure how Lexan
transmits light - but I haven't noticed any issues, I've had it for about 8
months now with 220watts of PC light over it, no yellowing, and I've noticed
that Lexan doesn't seem to attract "buildup" from evaporation of the water -
or at least not as much as my real glass covers on other tanks.