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Re: Where's George?

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 12:07:36PM -0400, Paul Sears wrote:
> 	Have I really been around that long.....??

'fraid so. <sigh>

For those of you who aren't old as dirt, George was a (The?) prophet of the 2nd
Epoch of Aquaria Groups. The History-According-to-Dan goes something like

1st Epoch:   The Age of Experimentation
Key Prophet: Richard Sexton, The Creator

2nd Epoch:   The Age of Technology
Key Prophet: George Booth, High Priest of Dupla


3rd Epoch:   The Age of Balance
Key Prophet: Thomas Barr, Plant Intercessor & Compatriot

Of course The Great Dispersal (from Usenet --> Majordomo) between the 2nd &
3rd Epochs makes the history much more complicated and interesting then
this, but I'll let others fill in the gaps (assuming they reach a sufficient
level of boredom where this stuff actually becomes interesting and worth
their time!).

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