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RE: Where's George?

> <snip, George> Back in the good old days
> before lawsuits.  The first week in April was the
> best day of the year to come out with any new 
> discoveries of fish from the past year.

So sad, but I was a sucker *every year*.  Believed
every word of it.  But, then again, I was never that

> <snip>, Charley B. you still out there or did he
> move to the "Land Of OZ"?

Oz.  But I didn't like it there much, so I've decided
to move back.

> Some list members,  like myself, take some time
> off,  and just read the list every day and
> say nothing.

Ditto.  For me, it was compounded by the fact that
my bandwidth for the past year was the size of a 
coffee stirrer straw, so it was rather painful to
reply to the list.  (I was overseas in a remote
country).  But, I've recently returned with most
of my appendages functioning, or at least attached
well enough to be cosmetically presentable.

I don't know what the stats are on the number of 
subscribers to the APD these days (I'm very 
curious), but I *know* there are a lot of lurkers.
Since that connotation sounds devious and 
mischievious, that's the one I've elected of late. ;-)

(still alive, hiding from George, whom I probably
still owe money)

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