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RE: Where's George?

I do remember that day, it was April 4th to be exacted.  (How Karla puts up with April 4th every year I don't know)

>Please, people, have a little more respect for the dead. George >died years ago in a tragic accident while working on his tank; April >1994 if my memory serves me correctly. 

Back in the good old days before lawsuits.  The first week in April was the best day of the year to come out with any new discoveries of fish from the past year.  It was a time in spring that would get folks ready for a summer of trying to collect this new fish.  It was back in a time when the new List Mom had the energy and time to take someone off the list every time he came back with a new name. Charley B. you still out there or did he move to the "Land Of OZ"?  Some list members,  like myself, take some time off,  and just read the list every day and say nothing.   George was doing Spring cleaning as he does every year and that's when it happen.  I can't even type about it, was so hard on many in the APD  community.
Someone in his family is still running his web site at http://www.frii.com/~gbooth/  It 's a good site and for you Newbies to APD it should open your eyes.    ~(:>))   My old man with a bald head and double chin.  JiM C.

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