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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #175 re Outdoor tubs

   I have never experimented with outdoor tubs but I do keep a 150 gallon 
aquarium in my shadehouse.I'm in S. Florida which makes this possible with 
supplemental heat during winter. The outdoor pools are left to nature. My 
experiences seem quite similar to Stephans.
    The only plant that I've grown long term  under many different situations 
is water Hyacinth. At present I have full sun, full shade,indoor ,outdoor 
aquarium,bog area
and flood area. I've grown for at least 3 years in all these areas. All grow 
and develop
normally but look entirely different and have much different habits. I've 
never been able to get flowers in the indoor aquarium while the shadehouse ones 
bloom repeatedly.
The ones in flood and bog areas flower at under 6 inches while the ones in 
shade, standing water are well over two feet tall
  I find  that you can do this with many water as well as amphibious plants. 
differences in the appearance of the plants is incredible.Many you would 
swear to be different specie. I've also found that many amphibious plants can be 
come epiphytic
as well as full terrestrial. I'm going to expand this as I find this 

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