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Re: The Seachem Flourishes

Due to my parsimonious nature, my bottles are actually years old. Does Flourish have a shelf life?

Well, yes and no. You probably wouldn't get the full benefit of the vitamins if you had a 10 year old bottle, but we formulate it to remain stable for the duration of the typical retail distribution cycle (i.e.3-5 years max depending on conditions). This is a very popular product so I doubt you'd find anything older than a year out there at the most.

Does it have to be refridgerated? I am too scared my Flourish will end up in a steak marinade, so I have never chilled them. (Although I too could probably benefit from some trace elements)

It does not have to be refrigerated, although that will of course helps its longevity. If it has never been opened it does not require refrigeration. Once opened there is a very, very small possibility of mold growing, thus that is why we recommend refrigeration... although we've considered removing this from the label as it results in more questions about it then an any actual cases of mold growth (personally I'm not aware of any).

Are there negative effects to overdosing (besides algae)?

No, although I suppose if you dumped an entire 250 mL bottle in a 10 gallon you might run into some metal toxicity issues (mainly iron)...not that I think someone would do that but accidents happen... ;-)

water calcium deficient. I hoping Dr. Morin will come out with Flourish Calcium soon. (just kidding).

Try "Equilibrium", it will restore deficient levels of calcium.

-Greg Morin


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