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Re: Newbie Pics! -- Open tops and taking sides

Bill Wichers:
> A piece of 1/8" thick acrylic a few inches high makes a
> great barrier. Bend 
> it with a strip heater (or use a heat gun and be
> careful), and make either 
> two "C" shape pieces or 2 or 4 "L" shape pieces such that
> the pieces snap 
> into the plastic rim on the top of the tank. If you use
> smoked acrylic it 
> can help cut down on the glare from an open-top tank.
> SAEs are known 
> jumpers so some precautions are usually necessary to make
> sure they stay in 
> the tank.

Adding on to the sides of the aquarium works.
Alternatively, you can start with a taller tank and not
fill it all the way.

Scott H.

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