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For sale

CaCl2, about 7lbs for sale.
10$ plus shipping.
3- CO2 reactors,1 w/no pump, 35$, 45$ w/pump each
one sump style CO2 reactor with pump, 50$(slightly used)
2 internal CO2 diffusers, 10$ each, used.
Swamp cedar driftwood
Cypress knees
Nikon Coolpix 950 new mint conditions with accessories box/CD etc-250$
Good for pics and close ups
Wet dry sump, simple tupperware sump/drip plate and bioballs+ Amircale
Prefilter- 70$ good for 125 gal or so. Surge 6000 pump-35$

Email off list if interested.
I'll have the wood for some time. Some bought some and then called back for

Tom Barr