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Re: Re: antibiotics

> . . .you would waste money on a vet
> visit. Spend $100 to
> treat a $2 fish!

>>Not to say anything about the point you making, but wow,
you can get fish for only $2?  I thought those days were
gone for good.<<

Sure! Plain guppies, platties...whatever! But I think you get my point!
Actually, I would flush the sick fish down the toilet before I would bring
it to a vet and look foolish! Would you honestly bring a sick fish to a vet?
You know the company Fishvet, who many of you know for plants, has long been
involved with fish meds, providing them to large professional breeders,
fisheries, hatcheries.. thats how Dr. Prescott got the "Doctor" as I
understand it. There are many professionals in this hobby who rely on meds.
Do you think public aquariums are afraid to use them? Common! :)

Robert Paul Hudson