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Re: article on fish pain

Arthur wrote:

Kind of interesting that people wondered if fish feel
pain. Seems like it would be tough to survive if you
couldn't recognize dangerous, noxious stimuli.

I would expect a variety of organisms, even some of very basic ones, to respond in some way to a chemical stimulus like a bee's toxin. I wonder why only "some" of the fish displayed a "rocking" motion and not all of them. What does "rocking" mean anyway, and what does it prove? This seems like very poor science to me. The question is interesting, but this experiment doesn't answer much that I can see. Hard to tell from a blurb on a news page, though.

Of course we all know that fish can be stressed. And
of course, the PETA crowd is all over this.

But I noticed they weren't concerned about the bees which probably lost their lives in the experiment. Don't bees have rights? As far as I can see, PETA is more concerned about donations and self righteous, reactionary politics than animals. Fortunately, their tendencies toward the absurd push them ever closer to total irrelevancy. Extremism accomplishes little.

first, we might be next.

Nah. This study sounds inconclusive at best. One might even suspect it's purpose was just to counter the conclusion of the studies conducted by the scientist in Wisconsin or wherever, which certainly does not favor the stance of animal rights activists.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

PS: Arthur, have you decided whether or not you're going to restart the TAOPA list?