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Re: Unidentified NC native plant

Nick wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion.  I haven't found any Polygonum that match the
plant I found.  I did learn that some Ludwigia species have
alternate leaves, although I didn't find any photos that were a perfect

Florida U has the most informative Web site for this sort of thing. Here's the home page:

Here's a listing of various books you may be able to locate in a library:

I also believe that both UNC and NC State have herbariums that may help, too, though I don't have links. Duke may have an herbarium as well.

I also think that the Proserpinaca I found may be Proserpinaca pectinata,
not P. palustris.

They're fairly distinct from what I can tell. I've found P. palustris not far from my house (amazing what you can find under your feet), but P. pectinata is apparently distributed a bit west of me, so I've not had the opportunity to hunt it down yet. It seems more interesting look-wise. Proserpinaca intermedia is also found in TN and may also be in NC. Check this out -- the pics are pretty good and may help you:


Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee