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Re: Antibiotics

>Hey Tom...I have blue green algae growing in my Betta fruit
>jar, how should
>I get rid of it? 50% water change? :)

>Robert Paul Hudson

The betta would enjoy the water change(most all fish like
regular water changes). You can simply wrap a piece of thick
cloth around the watered jar portion to starve the BGA of light
for 3 days or more if you like. The emergent portion can have
all the light it wants. That's even easier than a "normal"
planted tank to deal with. A quick wipe on the jar and a good
shake of the roots and your good to go.
Should take less time than going down to the LFS to buy drugs
that you don't need and not cost you one red cent or even
placing an on line order.

So can you do better than FREE?

There is the ethical issue, but then there's the more practical
side. You add both together and it's very difficult to beat the
method I suggested.

Practical, easy, cheap and ethical. Not bad habits or principles
if you ask me. Maybe pills cure laziness/neglect? 

Same can be said for raising fish and plants. If you take good
care of them then you seldom need to spend $ on the drugs, spend
money of replacement fish/plants from the ones you lose to
disease/algae. They also have a habit of breeding/propagating
when happy rather than neglected. 

Go figure.
Tom Barr

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