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Re: fish in a fruit jar -- worse off than fish in a barrel

Dear Walt,
Don't you think it's reductive to prohibit completely
the discussion of the fish and inverts that are in our
tanks along with our plants? So many contributors to
this list have decades of experience and hard science
backgrounds (both of which I'm lacking)-- why should
we avoid soliciting their help because this is a plant
list when they clearly are willing and able to be of
service? No one is obligated to reply. I think he was
just trying to raise awareness about something he
thought we might care about, and knowing how well many
members mobilized about the lawsuit debacle, as well
as their access to factual support, it don't believe
he was errant. Thanks again to all the contributors
who have helped me solve my tank's problems, of both
the animal and vegetable variety! 

Erin Poythress

> Last time I looked,
> this was still the Aquatic Plants listing. Although
> I imagine m!
>  ost of us do have fish in our plant tanks, there
> are other forums dedicated to fish only topics where
> this discussion would have been much better suited.
> >
> Walt Wilson

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