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Re: Why CEO's don't come on here - we do :)

Subject: Re: Why CEO's don't come on here

Some us do :)

When the criticism is fair, we can in general tolerate it!

Thomas B. is close to the truth when he writes:
"Well they don't have time since they have companies to run."

It is not the best thing! We can learn a lot from the discussions on this and other lists!
But it is the truth - when finish the work - it is sometime hard to find the time for going into the enthusiastic discussion on the web!

But others and I see the list, mostly every day! Of and on we also reply or bring our comments!
Trough the years I think I have posted more than 20 times!
Every time I do, I got more than a handful mail direct to my mailbox ... OK ... But hard work to reply on for a person who do not have English as native language :)

... Don't think that we do not appreciate this list and the hobby because of lack of active presence!

Best regards to all 


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