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Re: fish in a fruit jar -- worse off than fish in a barrel

Robert H wrote about a recent FAMA article that described
how to store a betta in a cramped jar.  He also mentioned
that Gene Lucas, who wrote in the same issue of FAMA should
speak out against it.

I'm no betta expert but I heard Gene speak at the NEC
convention last March and if he isn't a state of the art
expert on bettas, I'll eat my hat.

Storing in jars didn't come up during the talk -- probably
because only folks interested in keeping bettas were there.
 Surely doesn't sound like the kind of thing a betta
fancier would fancy.  My betta is in a 15 gallon tank but
he must share it with some other fish -- he's the boss of
the upper two inches of the water.

I've heard it explained that wild bettas sometimes must
live in a drying up river bed and be crammed in a small
handful of a puddle -- so they  survive in small
containers.  I don't know how much truth is in that (sounds
fanciful but I don't recall the source), but I will say
that when I was high school age I sometimes rode in my
brother's 26-year-old clunker of a car -- I survived it
several times but that doesn't mean I'd ever do it if I
didn't sort of have to.

Scott H.

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