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Sources for PMDD components

I have been having a heck of time finding the components for PMDD even though I live in a large city (Washington, DC) - or maybe that is the problem.  Can someone tell me where to buy Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4), Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) and a Chelated Trace Mineral Mix.  I have been using Seachem products with excellent results, but I am looking to mix my own PMDD so I can control the mix and know exactly what I am putting in.  I have read every post I can find in the archives but the recommendation are too general (like - your local garden center).  I have even called hydroponics stores but they seems to all sell trade-named mixtures of fertilizer rather than the raw stuff.   So if there is a good supply place - online, catalog, whatever - that sell this stuff in a good water soluable form, please share.   BTW - HEADS UP - many PMDD posts suggest that potassium nitrate can be purchased at garden centers in the form of stump remover.  The only brand of stump remover around he!
 re I can fine is Stump Out from Bonide,  The manufacturer says it is not KNO3 and will kill aquarium plants and fish.  See their reply to my inquiry below.  "Bonide Stump Out is made from a food grade trade secret product.  It is not Potassium Nitrate and if added to the fish tank, it will kill both the plants and fish.  Sorry, it's not the product you need." Sincerely,Nancy F. Long
Tech. Services
Bonide Products, Inc.  Thanks, Jim Stimmel 

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