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Re: copper for aquarium chiller

The mysterious ysh said:
> I've made my own chiller using copper as the pipe
> material (which submergerd
> directly into the water), perhaps any one of you could
> give me a suggestion
> how to and what material to use, to coat the copper pipes
> so it wont have a
> direct contact with water?

Some solvent based paints might work -- so-called
water-base paints will pretty much allow water molecules to
pass through.  That's might not be much of an issue if you
don't have invertebrates and you pH is near neutral.

Why not use stainless steel tubing?  The part in the water
doesn't need to be very long does it?

BTW, what are you using to shed the heat that is absorbed
from the aquarium -- a compressor and evaporator coil --
earthen heat sink?

Scott H.

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