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Re: copper for aquarium chiller

I've made my own chiller using copper as the pipe material (which submergerd
directly into the water), perhaps any one of you could give me a suggestion
how to and what material to use, to coat the copper pipes so it wont have a
direct contact with water?
Thanks for the help

Run some lacquer or epoxy-based paint over it. Epoxy is a reasonably conductor of heat, is reasonably inert for tank stuff, and is fairly cheap. It's also very durable and thus is a good protectant. I actually used some thick epoxy material to cover an old corroding iron drain pipe in my basement that I was afraid would otherwise corrode all the way through. After a few coats I essentially have a DIY plastic pipe built around the iron :-)

You could also use a length of teflon heat shrink tubing (yes, such material exists, it is used frequently in the aerospace and defense industries) to cover the copper, but that stuff is expensive unless you get it surplus (try ebay).

Or you could get some stainless steel tubing from a refrigeration supply house and not worry about it...


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