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Re Light/Nutrient imbalance

I don't have an answer but a question. Were you able to test for Nitrate or
Phosphate levels? I would be curious if they are immediately and or
completely used which may answer your question of too much. Also could give
you info about a relative limitation if one is abundant when other is 0.
> From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Light/Nutrient imbalance
> I notice that all the plants in my tank are quite leggy, with very long
> internodes. The tank is 72 gallons, and has 4-55W AH supply PCF lights on 13
> hours/day. What I am wondering is if somehow I am putting in more nutrients
> and CO2 than the lighting requires, and that is why the plants are so leggy?
> Or is it just too little light?

> pH is 6.6, KH=GH=5.5, 74 degrees. 1/2 gravel, 1/2 flourite substrate. Twice
> weekly (at water change and 1/2 way in between) the plants get 15 ml each of
> Flourish and Flourish iron, 1/2t KNO3, 1t K2SO4, 1/16t KH2PO4. The KH and GH
> are normally around 2; the values above come from baking soda and Seachem
> Equilibrium.