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RE: SAE - never again.

 Snipped selections from two of Rachel's posts

> Subject: SAE - never again.
> I had 4 SAE that were destroying my Rotalla
> wallichi and mayaca, so I have
> been trying to get them out.
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> Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:37:04 -0800
> From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Light/Nutrient imbalance
> I notice that all the plants in my tank are quite
> leggy, with very long
> internodes.

> The leggy plants are:
> Ambulia, E. stellata, Potamogeton gayi, Hydrotiche
> hottoniflora...practically anything I put in
> there. In addition, glosso and
> micranthemum micarnthemoides grow straight up.
> - -rs

Is your second post a clue to the first one?
What kind of shape is the R. wallichi and mayaca in?  Could
the SAE's have been going at them because they are in a
slightly weakened condition?  Do the plants lose any leaves
on their own?  I ask because SAE's I have had have been well
behaved critters.  Only occasionaly will they pick at a
damaged leaf.  Or.... maybe I am better at producing SAE
food than you.  I recently had some algae growing in very
thick dwarf hairgrass.  It was pretty funny watching the
SAE's stnding on their heads to get at the algae.

Maybe somene else has some thoughts on this.  My experience
with SAE's although positive, is limited.

Jay Reeves

BTW, Joe, I thought I was the only one smart to enough to
catch SAE's by overfilling the tank.