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Re: Nice planted tank photos & spot algae

Shireen's tank has been getting spotty with algae.

I'll offer some inexpert info, fwiw:

I seem to get plenty of nitrogen from fish food, but I need
to supplement the PO4.  I know I have gone too far with PO4
when I get lots of spots.

I was adding a smidgeon or so of PO4 (as KH2PO4) only at
water changes, once weekly, to start with, but the plants
seemed happier, and I could maintain levels around
(roughly) 0.5 -1.0, if I added a little bit more once or
twice between water changes also.  And this helped to
moderate N levels too.  When my spots get too happy and
healthy, I back off on the PO4.

Of course tanks differ.

When you scrub the spots, the algae moves around with the
water and eventually settles on a new surface.  Scrubbing
is a way to move rather than to *remove* them.

You might try a couple of things:  Keep the stuff afloat
(scrub often) and add UV to kill it while it's in the water
-- do this until tank settles down.

Always scrub your spots before a water change so that you
can physically remove some of the stuff with the water.

BTW, having mentioned small doeses, here's another place
selling those little measuring spoons:


Scott H.

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