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RE: SAE - never again.

Well my SAE did put an end to my BBA.  The kid at the LFS tried to convince
me that I needed six for a 55 gal, I settled for four, which is at least two
too many.  They are cute when little, but the three remaining are pushing
four inches after a year (heading for six inches).  They are boisterous, not
aggressive, and really tend to dominate a tank that was intended for small
tetras and a couple Apistos and Rams.  The Ottos have become truly nocturnal
with these guys around.  I started with 12 AES and 12 Ottos.  Between the
SAE and the shrimp the little Java Moss I have is kept nibbled down to wire.

I do have a novel method of getting an SAE out of the tank.  Just take the
cover off and fill the water to the rim...  Works really good with
hatchetfish as well.  I recovered just the tail section of the SAE who
jumped.  I pretty sure I know what happened to the head, but the cat ain't
talking. BTW a coverless tank is a great humidifier in the winter, I need to
add a gallon of water every morning.

Joe K in Takoma Park, MD
where we've had our coldest weather in years, gonna need replace my rosemary
in the Spring.