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Re: The State of the plants

>The war against algae terrorisim is not an easy one. We must be diligent
>patient doing whatever it takes to prevent an Algae attack on our tank
>borders before it happens. The great algae terrorist is elusive and always
>waiting for a chance to strike when our defenses are weak. We can not
>sit by passively waiting for an attack and then cry about it afterwards.
>diligence will prevent the weapons of mass destruction from reaching our
>safe haven. We have the freedom to provide a safe and clean home for our
>fish, animals, and plants to prosper and we must protect that freedom!

The best way to prevent an algae attack is to understand why it occurs in
the first place. Don't let your dosing policies encourage algae attacks.
Attacking it with the latest aresenal is not the solution. You may be able
get rid of temporarily but it'll come back time and time again. Understand
why it happens, and you can prevent it easily, without spending billions
in taxpayers money. And the tank will be a better place!

Ghazanfar Ghori
ghori at nospam_ghori.net
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