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Re: State of Union

> Has Tom been cooking and distilling his plant cuttings?
> ;-)
> And has he been sharing the product with Washington?
> Scott H.

Scott, I am for the legalization of everything plant related. I mean, we
need to ___*stimulate* the economy___ right? Why should the DEA, law
enforcement have fist dibs? What about trickle down economics? This is a
Free market economy(Or so we are so often told) and they are protecting the
black market profits from the public. Prohibition never worked. Neither is
this. Usage is way up. Real gateway drugs like booze and cigarettes are
difficult for common folks to produce but possible, even though with
regulation and laws these two kill more people every year and cost the USA
economy 10X what all other illicit drug combined. But those are legal.....

It's just not right. I cannot sneak a Crypts into the USA without doing 10
to 20. I'm sick and tried of it. I want dollarwort, not pennywort!

But by putting a planted tank into everyone's homes, we may all learn to
respect the plants more. This will help environment awareness and stimulate
the economy. The statistical analysis shows that for each smart bomb
dropped, we could put about 1000 fully loaded plant tanks with _solar_
powered silicone cells and storage batteries for the same cost and the
planted tanks would look much better and for much longer than the 2 second
video clips on CNN. I think it's a better deal..... and I know fellow
Americans think it's a better deal. That is how I believe the Taxpayer's
money should be spent. Smart plants tanks, not smart Bombs.

So what if we pay 25 or 50 cent more gas prices? We have a nice plant tank
in the home and now PAY less since we have a nice bank of Solar cells and
battery to pay for the added electric cost. Buy a few more cells and then we
can charge those cool electric cars.
But the corporations cannot make this profit since we are self sufficient
and no longer need to pay electric bills, far less car repairs, fuel cost.
You can avoid good thinking in favor of short term profits but someone will
eventually get the jump on you like Japan has more than once.

Like planted tanks, the Japanese have beaten us out once again with advances
in electric cars, they have one that does 180mph. Meanwhile we are still
driving and producing old late 19th turn of the century technology. We have
the technology for H2 fuel cars, we have since the 1950's.

We need to work on planted tanks more.
To stimulate the economy:
Lobby the pneumatic/gas industry(think of all the CO2 systems to be sold)!
Lobby Family Farmers who can make lots through aquatic plants sales,
Lobby Home Depot for all the $ we'll spend there,
Lobby Glass and acrylic fabricators
Lobby the businesses such as SeaChem and Marineland
Lobby the fertilizer industry for KNO3, K2SO4 etc
Lobby lighting industry
Lobby solar manufacturers, they have not had the benefits of Big
oil(electricity is cheaper and safer to transport and can come from many
different renewable sources).

Remember Star Wars space program and about a trillion $ of wasted
money(ours, the taxpayers)?
Let's cut the fat in the Offense (Ironically called the "Defense"
Department) budget and I think we can get a lot out of the USA and for the
_good stuff_ that the People, not the Politicians, are known for.

Scott, I don't drink or snort _unlike_ some Presidents. But I don't mind
sharing, doing without or giving away my share. You need at least one
responsible person to drive the electric car home after schmoozing your
special interest pals from the last aquatic plant meeting.

Tom Barr