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>any CO2 system, if not set up and used 
>correctly can cause problems. 

>Without knowing more, it's hard to say if 
>the CO2 system was actually faulty, or if 
>it was just creating more CO2 than your 
>tank needed....

It's a Chinese knock off of the Carbo Plus system.  Has a carbon bar
surrounded by electrodes; produces COČ by some kind of electrolysis, I
think.  As soon as I plugged it in, the fish acted funny.  I unplugged
it at night, and in the morning, I had a lot of dead fish.  

I don't think it was an overload of COČ.  I tested the pH, and it was
high---around 7.2.  (My KH is 5)  And the fish weren't gasping at the
surface: they were hugging the bottom and hiding in the glosso.  I think
they got electrocuted.  

Lori, who went back to her low-tech DIY bucket-o-yeast, and is much