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Re: @#$&%

"I did some research on the algae type I think it is
Brush algae, and Hair algae."

Nothing too bad there.  See below.  
"0 nitrates? that's bad" How do I fix this? 

If growth is good and you don't feed your fish a whole
lot and/or just don't have that many of them, you may
need to add more nitrate.  Most people add it in the
form of potassium nitrate (kno3).  You can get it from
www.litemanu.com.  I've been using Seachem's Flourish
Nitrogen.  First make sure your kit is still good.  If
it is really low, start small and gradually move up,
testing every once in a while as you go to see what
your tank is using until you get into a dosing
routine.  You really shouldn't need much if you in
fact do.  I'd imagine those goldfish put out a good
bit of waste.      

"don't know phosphate levels."  

You should.  Seachem's kit is cheap and easy to use. 
Get that checked before you start any of the stuff I
described above.    


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