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Algae and 8 weeks of lights out

Ever wonder just how long aquatic plants can deal with having the lights
out? I did and in my endless quest to find meaningless entertainment, I
decided to try to eliminate the algae in the algae tank
(http://www.myfishbox.com/members/jmarella/media/gawd.jpg) solely through
the lights out approach.

The results are in. After almost eight weeks of lights out, the algae is
almost gone. Holy cow that's a long time! The amazing thing is that the
aquatic plants are still alive and appear to be ready to grow again.

I was getting attached to that algae and believe it or not, I kind of miss
it. It was so much more interesting in a way than the plants are. But, alas
I must move on.

Anyway, it's interesting that the plants survived, but I suppose they went
into a dormant phase.