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Re: @#$&%

"sam, I'll use chemical for a last resort. I'll try
any thing else first."  

Chemicals like those hurt plants just as much as
algae.  Just not as fast.  I'll bet a lot of people
wish they didn work without killing everything.  

"What I'm understanding is algea is caused by some
kind of inbalance."


"Too much of one thing or not enough. Most likely p04
or fe?"   

Do some testing first.  Phosphate is more important in
terms of algae growth.  You need to look at the whole
picture and not just one or two things.    

"What about light. I 
bought 2 cheap 20watt flu plant light for aquariums at
wal mart $6 or$7 they are on for 12 hours a day."

That's fine for most plants.  If you're just starting
out, it's probably best to go with something like


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