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Re: @#$&%

"It looks like black hairs growing mostly on plants, I
read some where that this is usually caused by
excessive iron."

That wouldn't be my first guess.  Everything is
relative, of course, but in my experience, you really
have to be adding a ton of it for it to have that

"20gal long 4 2" fancy gold fish. ugf filter with
power head with yeast 
method co2 injection through the ugf power head. also
a wisper power filer. 
I have about 8 good sized plants.
2 20watt cheap flu plant lights
amon 0
nitrate 0
gh 9dh
kh 9dh"

0 nitrates?  That's bad.  If your algae is coarse and
rubbery feeling, then it's probably beard algae.  Bad
stuff, but easy to prevent.  It seems to like nutrient
poor water.  It will stick around a long time after
you correct things, but just do a lot of manual
removal and aim for the recommended 5-10ppm.  I don't
think you said you knew what the phosphate levels

I don't know about those goldfish.  Don't they eat


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