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Re: Carib-Sea Eco Complete

Sharon S. was accused of saying...

> I saw it this past weekend at Absolutely Fish in Clifton NJ. I was
> buying Flourite. Can't remember much about the grain size/shape, but it
> was selling for 20.99 per bag and the fluorite was 19.99 per bag. I
> asked the guys at the counter if they had any info on it, but they said
> it had just come out & they knew nothing about it.

I saw this at a LFS here in Toronto (Big Als) and it was going for
$49.99CDN a bag.  Compared to Flourite at $29.99CDN a bag.
I personally prefer the "sharper" look of Flourite and I don't think it
warants a $20CDN premium per bag
Glenn Attwood - UNIX admin at large
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