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Hydroctyle sp.

Hello again.

I decided to search the web for an answer--sorry not to have done so before 
mailing my query to the list.  I found the following at 

Hydrocotyle species
water pennywort

Native to Florida 

Water pennyworts are very common. They have long creeping stems that often 
form dense mats. Water pennyworts occur in and near ponds, lakes, rivers, and 
marshes. There are seven species and varieties of Hydrocotyle in Florida 
(Wunderlin, 1998). Water pennyworts can be found throughout the U.S., Canada, 
and in PR (Kartesz, 1999). 

A profusion of leaves and stems is characteristic of water pennyworts. The 
stems can grow to many feet long. Circular leaves typically are about the 
size of a half-dollar, but can be much larger or smaller. The leaves are 
shiny and leathery. The margins have blunted teeth. Long leaf stalks attach 
at the leaf centers, umbrella-like. Water pennywort flowers form delicate 
white or greenish umbels. 

If anyone has more information about the plant in the aquarium, I'd be 
grateful to have it.  I am wondering about rooting a plant like this.  It 
doesn't seem to require rooting in the substrate.

Apparently the species is likely to be either umbellata or ranunculoides.

Thank you  again,

Dick Norwood
Columbia, SC

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