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re: Carib-Sea Eco Complete

"How much does a 20 lb bag cost?  Where can one get it?  I have yet to
see it anywhere on the web or in a LFS.

Retails for $19.99. You can get it soon in your LFS. It is only just
out. Don Matakis"

I saw it this past weekend at Absolutely Fish in Clifton NJ. I was
buying Flourite. Can't remember much about the grain size/shape, but it
was selling for 20.99 per bag and the fluorite was 19.99 per bag. I
asked the guys at the counter if they had any info on it, but they said
it had just come out & they knew nothing about it.

If you live in NJ and are interested in checking out this product, I
know that Ely's in East Hanover (?) has it also. I had called to see if
they stocked fluorite and was told no, but that they carried the
Carib-Sea product. 

Sharon S.