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Re: Dream Digital Camera

I have a Fujifilm Finepix 2800ZOOM. I paid $399 for it maybe a year ago or 
so. It is great for taking/sending pics on the internet and as long as you 
don't go past 8" x 11" on prints, does photo quality prints, at least they 
look that way to me. I took all the pics of my 125 with this camera when I 
entered the AGA aquascaping contest. You can look and judge the quality for 
yourself. Not the best, but adequate for a user like myself.

The camera has a USB port for direct connection to your PC. It also includes 
software for viewing the shots.

I can really say this has been a worthwhile purchase because I have used it a 

Another very worthwhile purchase with a digital camera is a cheap tripod of 
some sort. I get the best shots of my tanks when I use it.

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