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Subject: ICK, Plants

Rams are one of the fish that I have had that seem to last about as long as 
an ice cream sandwich.  I really like weather loaches too, yet they all die 
on me.  I'm not sure why.  I just wanted plants to make a better environment 
for the fish, but it has become addictive.  My ick treatment is to feed the 
fish a bunch.  Fish that are really eating are a lot harder to kill in my 
experience.  Maybe that's an oxymoron too, I am not sure.

I really dig the musings about old plant matter in the bottom of a new tank 
also.  It seems that an old tank is > than a new one for whatever reason.  
That seems like a good jumpstart for the impatient.
I view the plants as part of the ecosystem I am trying to create.  It really 
makes me hate those sterile looking tanks at the LFS.

Where are the posts for the upcoming digest stored or how can i access them? 
  Has anyone bought pmdd ingredients from a guy "pmdd at dlink_org"?  Does 
anyone use a breeding net to rear eggs, or are they just a complete waste of 
time?  thx, josh.,

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