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bugs in emersed culture

I've been growing stuff emersed in a ten gallon on my
desk.  There is a 36 watt AH supply PCF, a pretty
tightly (but not airtight) glass top, a DIY yeast
bottle, and Flourite.  

Christmas moss is doing well.  H. corymbosa is putting
out a bunch of purple flowers.  H. difformis is doing
well but hasn't flowered yet (one or two leaves have
turned a bit yellow).  The glosso has produced a small
white flower.  Hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes is doing
alright too (I'm starting to wonder if it's really
adapted to long term submersion).  A C. wendtii is not
doing so well.  Leaves are very small.  I think it may
be in water that's too deep (2").  

The problem is bugs.  Lots of bugs.  The leaves that
came with the wendtii had a bunch of little gnat
things on them.  Stems of difformis have little white
bumpy bug things (aphids?).  Some corymbosa leaves
have hard little bumps that don't look like bugs and
some are curled under a bit (doesn't look like a
deficiency) with more of the bumps on the curled part.
 It's a bit hard to describe.  

What can I do to get rid of those things?  I think
they may be damaging the plants.  I would like to
avoid using chemical means if possible. 

I read something in the archives about using a heater
with the glass removed for heat in the terrarium.  I
have one sitting around.  Worth a try?  

Thanks, Cavan  

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