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Re: Nutrients in the netherlands

On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 03:24:00PM +0100, Will Phantom
<rfzotto at hotmail_com> wrote:

> Im looking for K2SO4, KH2PO4 and KNO3 here in the Netherlands. I have phoned 
> around and I found a place where I can order it but its realy expensive. 166 
> dollar for 500 gram of all of those nutritiens.
> I also went to a few garding stores to look for stump remover but no luck.
> Does anyone know where I can buy/order any of the nutritions in the 
> Netherlands ?
> or somewhere in europe/america that will deviver here.

I'm more than sure you'll find what you want locally. I have special
microelement mix for hydroponics made in Netherlands, named Tenso
Coctail. Bought it locally here, 15$ for 1kg, the 1kg package was
smallest. If I'm not mistaken Netherlands is well known for strong
agriculture, hydroponics and greenhouses. Please somebody correct me
if I'm confusing Netherlands with some other country in this

Vallo Kallaste
kalts at estpak_ee