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bugs in emersed groth

>The problem is bugs.  Lots of bugs.  The leaves that
>came with the wendtii had a bunch of little gnat
>things on them.  Stems of difformis have little white
>bumpy bug things (aphids?).  Some corymbosa leaves
>have hard little bumps that don't look like bugs and
>some are curled under a bit (doesn't look like a
>deficiency) with more of the bumps on the curled part.
> It's a bit hard to describe.  

The usual bug killing things (soap, raid, neem oil)
are problematic if you ever expect to put the plants
back in a tank with fish. I know that Raid will
just kill the plants outright - Charlie Drew tried
this - once.

Here's what I'd do: spray with household bleach 
that you've deleted to 5% (1 part bleach, 20
parts water). This has been shown to work in
hydroponic setups. Ed Rosenthal (who literally
wrote the book on the subject) has found it will
eridicate spider mites from marijuana - you can fnid
this on the web - in fact if you look up "growing marijuana"
you can find a huge amount of stuff invaluavle for
growing aquatic plants - lights, tips, nutrients,
just be careful of the advice, a lot of it is, um,
wlll, half baked.

The other thing that might be woeth a try since the
bugs need oxygen is to seal the takn up and fill it with 
100% CO2 for 12 hours. Do that every day fro a week and
any new hatching bugs *should* be killed too assuming
you keep the tank at 80 fo rthe fastest pest lifecycle.

I've never tried this, but in theory it ought to work.


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