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Re: O2 levels

>>I have readings of 2 mg/L O2 in the
>>mornings and 6 mg/L O2 in the
>>evening. Kesselman recommends a
>>value of 5 mg/L - even at night.

2 mg/L seems *very* low. I would expect some fish deaths at that level. If 
you're having problems with O2 levels getting too low during the night, you 
should probably put in an airstone on a timer to start running at some 
point after your lights go out at night, and stop running at some point 
after your lights come on in the morning. Where those points are you'd want 
to determine with a test kit, although I would think 30-60 minutes would be 
reasonable guess-points.


>>// Daniel.

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator