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Re: O2 levels

Daniel asked:

>My 1'st question: Have any of you
>experimented with the O2-level
>and noticed better growth with
>constantly (day and night) high
>levels of O2 (5 mg/L or higher)?

I don't know if this'll help you, but...

Last year, I borrowed my neighbor's DO kit and tested my main tank over the 
course of a week, and it was always just under saturation levels (~7mg/L O2 
@ 24.5C if memory serves) in the mornings.  At night, just before lights 
out, levels were greater than 10mg/L, which was the limit of the test's 
scale.  Saturation (i.e., pearling) was reached around an hour or so of 
lights on, so I'd imagine that levels just before lights out (10hrs later) 
were probably well into the teens.  The test I used was a LaMotte, 
btw.  Reasonably accurate, I guess.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee