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Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms in 30 gallon

Hello everyone,

I recently began having nutrient deficiency symptoms in my 30 gallon
planted tank.  I have only 5 types of plants in this tank.  I'm hoping
if I describe what some of the plants look like someone could point
me to what nutrient is missing.

Java Fern- Some of these plants have leaves turning yellow. But the
veins tend to stay greener. A few leaves have turned almost white
except for a green vein in the middle.  New leaves are growing in
without symptoms though and appear healthy.  Yellowing often starts
with the tips of the leaves, but not always.  There is some yellowing
throughout the leaf.  The very outer edges (1mm or so) can also
whiten, while the rest of the leaf stays green.  The leaf then appears
to have a white border around it.

Dwarf sagittaria or E. tenellus- I have never properly identified this
plant but it is spreading well.  Here the deficiency starts at the leaf
tips and seems to affect newer leaves.  It doesn't seem to affect the
very newest leaf but the previous leaf or third most recent leaf to grow.
All of the plants have this same pattern.  In the plants, 2/3 of the
plant from the tip downward is lighter in color like it has lost
chlorophyll.  The part closest to the base stays greener.  It doesn't
look like the leaves are yellowing though.  I have other leaves that
do that.  But it is like the green has been removed and a whiter
plant leaf tip is left.  In every plant this has a letter "V" shaped
If you imagine a letter "V" and invert it and moved it down the leaves
of the plant from the tip to 2/3 from the base you get an idea what
I see.  The area between the lines that make a "V" are green to the
base of the plant.  The area outside is whiter to the leaf tip.

Hygrophila Polysperma- Not as many of these plants in the tank.
Older leaves do have some holes (look bullet ridden). Some
mottled yellowing on the new leaves.  Leaves do look paler than
usual.  Lack of strong growth recently.

Java Moss is growing well.  A few branches of mayaca fluviatilis
growing very slowly after a serious hacking.

This tank has two 20 watt lights (Chroma 50, Triton) and a Texas
blast substrate with First Layer Pure Laterite underneath.  I keep
5 black neon tetras, 1 hyphessobrycon callistus, 1 black tetra, and
an octocinclus.  Many MTS.  I use a hang on the back filter and
DIY CO2 (off and on). Nitrate is 12.5 on tetra test kit. pH is 7.
Lights are on 10 hours a day with a timer.

I have bottles of Flourish, Flourish Iron, Flourish Potassium, and
Flourish Trace.  I have not been using them regularly because
I have been out of town off and on.  I'm sure I can start a regular
fertilizer routine and solve the problem.  But I am interested if
someone can tell me what missing nutrient is causing the problem.
This will tell me what nutrient is being used up faster in the tank.



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