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Re: Lights....How many PC55s on a 55 g tank

Rex Grigg said:

>    Ok, so I went with the 2 x 55 watt kit on my 55 gallon
> tank.  It's a lot 
> brighter than the 4 x 40 bulbs I had on there in shop
> lights.  I love the 
> amount of light.  So now the next question is do I dare
> step up to another 
> 2 x 55 kit?  Is there anyone running a 4 x 55 watt AH
> Supply setup on a 55 
> gallon tank?

You might try adding one more PC55 instead of 2 to be sure
you're comfortable with *that* much light before committing
to 4 bulbs.  By comfortable, I mean with the increased
pruning, etc. that can go with higher lighting.

OTOH, I think you can buy the AHSupply 2x55 kit and run one
or two 55 bulbs. So you can have the option even after
buying another 2x55 kit.

Scott H.

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