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Re: Filter advice needed

Sharon wrote:

>I'm in the process of returning to service a 110 gallon aquarium and
>need to order a new canister filter. In the past, I used a Magnum 350
>and was not pleased with it. I found it difficult to prime and it was
>noisy. I've also used Fluval x03 series.
>I've decided to give Eheim a try. I've been eyeing the professional II
>series and was wondering if anyone had any comments. The tank is now
>located behind the couches in the TV room, so I need a quiet filter. I'm
>also thinking that I should go with two filters this time around. That
>will get pricey with the professional series, so I've also been
>considering the 2215. Is this model difficult to prime--or to clean, for
>that matter?
>I would appreciate any feedback from Eheim users.

Eheim Pro II filters are good equipment, though your pocketbook may 
yelp.  My opinion is that the classic filters are the better value, 
especially for a planted tank, but I don't really care about priming pumps, 
multiple media baskets, and the other perks on the Pro II series.  Or, 
rather, I don't think the perks are worth the extra $$$.

As for maintenance of the Eheim classic line, I think they are very easy to 
clean, but I just use foam media.  The last 2213 I bought came with a media 
basket (I don't use it), by the way.  I'm not sure if all classic models 
do, though.  Anyway, it's true that the classics don't prime as easily, 
it's hard to get much easier than pushing a big button, but I've not really 
had any problems.  The quick disconnect valves that come with current 
classic models make priming easier, IMO.  Generally, it takes me about 
10-15 minutes to unhook it, clean it, and have it running again.  It takes 
a few minutes longer if I also decide to clean the hoses (or flip the 
impeller shaft into the toilet which I did recently. :-/  ...a real "you 
gotta be kidding me" moment).

Another option you may want to ask the list for opinions on is the Rena 
FilStar canister line.  I have no experience with them myself, but I've 
heard some good things.

Good luck with it.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee