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Re: Filter advice needed

Chuck H said, in part:

> Another option you may want to ask the list for opinions
> on is the Rena 
> FilStar canister line.  I have no experience with them
> myself, but I've 
> heard some good things.

Using my inexpensive sound meter, the Rena aren't as quiet
as the Eheims but very nearly.  They are much cheaper to
purchase and come with auto-shutoff-disconnects, easy
priming/starting, media baskets, and more powerful pumps
than the eheims -- eheim still relies on a 'philosophy' of
a relatively low flow of water over a lot of media compared
to most other canister filter makers.

The Rena tubes are softer and therefore kink easier, but if
you have kinks, then you haven't trimmed the tubes short
enough ;-)

Scott H.

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