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Re: Filter advice needed

I have a 2217 running on my 55 gallon tank. I have no negative thoughts on
it besides a small wish that it had come with media baskets. I like the idea
of the baskets but to be honest I have no problem accessing any of the
media. It's a simple design and probably part of the reason why it's so
reliable. Besides the first prime (suck on the hose trick), I have never had
to prime it again, I just shut the valves and unplug, the water that remains
in the tubes is sufficient to start the syphon again. And I've never had to
manually burp it, as soon as I turn the pump on it expells all the air very
quickly. The valves are not quick release but they do give me a little more
security than some of the quick release ones I have seen close up (not
Eheim). It really is quiet, I can hear the bubling of the CO2 over the pump.
The Plus also comes with media (not sure on the other models) which was a
nice saving considering the cost of Eheim media. When I was deciding between
the Classic and Ecco, I was suggested to go with the Classic. I don't know
what the professional series are like, I would guess excellent. My only
concern would be with the built in heater models if something goes wrong
with either the pump or the heater you kind of lose both. But then again you
don't have to have a heater in your tank! I haven't had to clean the filter
yet, it's been running for 3 months now, but I have had to open it up to
change media and so forth (gotta play with the new toy :-), after the first
couple of changes I got the process down to perfection and it has made
servicing the filter very easy and clean. I bought mine from

Hope that helps

Giancarlo Podio