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How to deal with a cheater

<snip, "cheater" on trades>

I didn't want to get into this discussion, but I 
think this can be made pretty simple.  Name names,
yes. Public humiliation, fine.  I don't have problems
with any of that (I don't care either way).  Just
realize that there can be extenuating circumstances
if the person just drops off the face of the Earth
after getting their end of the trade.

Maybe we can just get some, "rate the trader" 
web page up like EBay does on its rating of buyers
and sellers.  Transaction opened, and did both
parties solve their end?  Either party could make
an entry if they choose.  Simple and legal, as it
merely describes facts surrounding one or more trades.

I've sent out some quality stuff in trade, and
always had good experiences.  However, I've also
stiff'ed George Booth for about two years before
making that right (oops... I'm a cheater too).
George can comment here if he still wants to kill
me or not, since he lives five miles from me and
I need to know if I should still lock my doors at

charleyb123 at yahoo_com

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