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How to deal with a cheater

<< For the sake of harmony here and respect of each other, people need
 decide for themselves if embarrassing fellow members of this forum is
 it.  So someone reniged on a trade agreement.... is exposing that
person or
 persons worth the public humiliation? >>

I agree with this sentiment; at least it has to be asked in each

I've been on the "I've been wronged" side of the equation with a
Cultural Icon on this list.  In my case it involved $125 and a single
plant.  I happen to believe that the individual (icon) just "forgot" or
never quite got around to shipping the plant(s) that were involved.
Despite several email messages (I did get one "don't worry" reply) to
him nothing ever arrived as promised.  I do not believe that there was
any "intent" to bring any harm to me or using words recent used on this
list "to cheat" or to "renege" or to have me get "dogged."

In my opinion, at least in the one negative situation I experienced, I
feel it would be highly inappropriate for me to publicly make any
negative comments because I don't believe there was any intent.

The "I've been wronged" emotion is a painful one because it's personal -
in many cases (if not all), it is not the dollar value that hurts as
much as it is the violation of our trust.  If you have unsuccessfully
tried to resolve the "transaction" - is calling a person out going to
address the financial "wrong" or the "emotion" wrong?  If it is only
going to address the emotional wrong, is it worth the emotional expense
of others.

Greg Watson
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.